Is now the time to switch?

Wood buring stove, Fireplace

If ever there was a right time to install a wood burning stove, it surely must be now! For a few years now, largely down to some bad press, the installation of wood burning stoves slowed in some areas. Several potential wood burning stove candidates switched, instead, to Gas or Electric appliances. This was noticed … Read more

Why you should cap your uncapped chimney

Chimney Sweeps, Chimney sweep, blocked chimney

You have stopped using the chimney. You may have even boarded the area up and now have a decoration piece in its place. Often an oversight for many, what did you do about the gaping hole on top of your roof?  We can pretty much guarantee you don’t want the image above coming out of … Read more

Chimney Sweeps, It’s that time of year again

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Spring is in the air. The time, that for many, will see the use of their wood-burning stove slow down and eventually stop. Therefore the perfect time to get your stack swept by one of your local chimney sweeps. The number of times your chimney needs sweeping depends on what type of fuel you use … Read more

How to Clean Your Wood Burning Stove

Life hacks to help clean your wood burning stove

We are in the midst of Lockdown 2.0. Once again the shut down will affect the interaction we have with potential customers. Forced to find new ways to keep our customers feeling they are still thought about. It’s for this reason we have created another download for you to pass on to your customers; How … Read more

The Benefits of Social Media

Social media It is huge! A quick search and you can find that there are around 3.7 billion active social media users, with people having an average of 7.6 social accounts. With the average time spent on social media being around 140 minutes a day, it’s definitely something that your business can benefit from. It … Read more

Better Together

Appreciation If this current situation has taught us anything it is that we are better together. People stretching themselves to the limit. Creating and finishing tasks for the benefit of others. It’s proud moment to look upon, to see as a nation we have definitely done that. Coming out on Thursday evenings at 8pm to clap … Read more

Thank You to our NHS Heroes

There is no doubt we are in new territory with the current situation. The World has been bought to its knees, not by some evil villain in a movie but, by an unprecedented virus. Covid-19 is a pandemic. The mere mention of that word means it is a global issue. The News You only have … Read more

Eurocowl announce new partnerships for chimney cowls

Eurocowl are proud to announce our new chimney cowl partnerships We are proud to announce that we have created four new partnerships to supply both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with our range of chimney cowls. Joining together with well respected companies. All having a mantra of using the best products. Our new … Read more

Covid-19 Update

Mini Hanging Eurocowl Set

Our official update The health, safety and wellbeing of our team members, customers and suppliers is of the utmost importance. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected and we greatly appreciate the fantastic and heroic efforts of the healthcare workers and those on the front line working to contain … Read more

Eco 2022 Stoves, Cooler Gases & Mini Eurocowl’s

Wood buring stove, Fireplace

Today we ask the experts all about the incoming Eco 2022 Stoves. We delve into potential issue of cooler gases. Touching on the role an anti-downdraught cowl like the Mini Eurocowl can play.  Eco 2022 Stoves Whether you are involved in the making of stoves, distribution or installation you will have heard about the 2022 … Read more