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Why you should cap your uncapped chimney


You have stopped using the chimney. You may have even boarded the area up and now have a decoration piece in its place. Often an oversight for many, what did you do about the gaping hole on top of your roof? 

We can pretty much guarantee you don’t want the image above coming out of your chimney pot. Unfortunately it’s not beyond the realms of possibility if the top is wide open.

Let’s look at the other main reasons why you really should use a Euro Topcap on your uncapped chimney.

Birds Nesting in Chimney, Topcap, Bird guard

1. Birds!

Although other creatures, namely squirrels, can make a nest in your chimney it is more commonly known of birds. Once in, our winged friends are protected by the Wildlife and Country Act and claim squatters rights during the nesting season. That lasts from March through to August!

Birds, unfortunately, bring more problems than just the potential 6 months of chirping in the chimney. Their nest will block the chimney and cause condensation build up and therefore damp (more on this below).

If the worst should happen and a bird dies inside your chimney this would most likely end up with maggots and their spawn following soon after.

2. Fuel efficiency

You may not be using this chimney but you will still have a heat source. With a gaping hole at the top of your abode there is every chance you are going to be heating the outside just as much as the inside. Therefore causing a certain amount of cash to be literally disappearing into thin air.

Rain Protection, Rain guard, chimney cap

3. Protection from the elements

The elements! They can provide a multitude of issues.

Rain and snow will naturally fall into open space and a chimney is no different. It’s not going to take a great deal of time before the chimney is drenched inside. This can cause long term problems to your brickwork.

If the chimney wasn’t swept, after last using your wood burner, there could be soot within the stack. When mixed with water from rain, snow or condensation it can turn into sulphuric acid and damage brickwork and mortar.

If the chimney stack is showing signs of damage there is every chance water falling through the uncapped chimney pot will affect the internals walls. Leakage can cause damp stains and odors that no one wants.

Topcap, Rain protection, Uncapped Chimney

Prevention is better than cure!

Fitting a Euro Topcap seals your chimney whilst leaving enough room for ventilation. You can find out more information on the product by clicking the image above.

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