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Chimney Sweeps, It’s that time of year again


Spring is in the air. The time, that for many, will see the use of their wood-burning stove slow down and eventually stop. Therefore the perfect time to get your stack swept by one of your local chimney sweeps.

The number of times your chimney needs sweeping depends on what type of fuel you use in your appliance. The general rule of thumb is that you follow the guidelines below; 

  • Smokeless fuels – At least once a year
  • Wood – Every 3 months when in use – at least twice a year
  • Coal – Every 3 months when in use – at least twice a year 
  • Oil – Once a year
  • Gas – Once a year
The best times to get your chimney swept are before the start of the heating season, roughly speaking September time. This factors in the prolonged period of no use and ensures it’s safe to fire it up. The second sweep should be after the peak of the season, roughly speaking March or April.
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Why Should I Sweep My Chimney?

It’s a commonly asked question. Simply put, you wouldn’t want your chimney looking like this picture. No real area for the smoke to escape meaning those poisonous gasses are coming back into your room and other parts of the property. Pretty serious stuff!
This is just one reason of many that we have covered in more detail in our free download which you can get a copy of here.

You definitely shouldn’t be using your chimney if it looks like this! Something would definitely be living in there with this foliage. Even if it is just the tree!

It is most likely that this is an unused chimney but it does highlight the need to ensure your chimney/flue is fully operational before using. 

Click on the image to find out more about why you should cap your uncapped chimney.


Who Can I Get to Sweep my Chimney?

We have a host of Eurocowl supplying chimney sweeps for you. We have made it easy to find one very local to you as well. Simply click here or on the heading above to be transported to our locate a stockist page. All you then need to do is type in your postcode and away you go.

Don’t forget to book September’s visit in, especially if burning wood or coal, then you don’t have to worry about it over the summer.