The Benefits of Social Media


Social media

It is huge!

A quick search and you can find that there are around 3.7 billion active social media users, with people having an average of 7.6 social accounts. With the average time spent on social media being around 140 minutes a day, it’s definitely something that your business can benefit from. It is fair to say that these figures ensure you have a direct connection with your audience.

Direct Connection

Your social media channels can become the central hub to your business. You post the jobs you have completed, customers can place reviews, pictures and testimonials. All in clear view of potential customers who will be in your area looking for what you have to offer.


A review sent to us through our Instagram page from Mr Fireplace.

Nothing helps a customer decide who to go to than reviews and testimonials from real people who have had the work carried out and completed. If you offer a service or product and give the customer that satisfaction they needed, social media offers the platform for them to express it. If your are there you can reap the reward.

Naturally the best thing about all of this is quite simply you can get all of this for free! There is no cost to setting up a profile or a page to promote your business. You can pay for adverts if you wish to go down that route later.

Check your social media and make sure you are following us. Then tag us in a picture of your latest install.

We want to help you grow your audience too.


A recent image we received from one of our very own customers, North Wales Chimney & Stove Care