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Better Together



If this current situation has taught us anything it is that we are better together. People stretching themselves to the limit. Creating and finishing tasks for the benefit of others. It’s proud moment to look upon, to see as a nation we have definitely done that.

Coming out on Thursday evenings at 8pm to clap hands or bang kitchen utensils was just the start. A chance to show how much our very own NHS means to us. The front line efforts by these fantastic key workers.


Joe Wicks PE may have bought others together earlier with early morning fitness sessions. His following ensured £80,000 (at the time of writing) was raised for the cause.

You have probably seen the “See 5, Run 5, Donate 5” posts trending on Instagram stories. You may have even taken part yourself. This was originally known as Run For Heroes who wanted to raise £5,000 it currently stands at over 5 million.

Who can forget Captain Tom Moore. At 99 years young performing 100 laps of his garden. After completing ahead of schedule he has upped the challenge and continues to walk. He is currently sitting at over 29 million pounds raised.

How Can We Help?

Our parent company Simplefit Ltd is playing an active part in the fight. As a manufacturer and critical supplier of medical equipment and instruments to companies across the globe. We are doing our bit to help with the current pandemic.

This enables us to remain open and be of help to you during the current situation. Please do get in touch if you have any questions. If you work for the NHS please take a look at this previous post, we have something for you.