We would like to wish all of our customers a Very Merry Christmas.
We are now closed for our Christmas shut down and will process all orders upon our return on the 3rd January.

Thank You to our NHS Heroes


There is no doubt we are in new territory with the current situation. The World has been bought to its knees, not by some evil villain in a movie but, by an unprecedented virus. Covid-19 is a pandemic. The mere mention of that word means it is a global issue.

The News

You only have to see the daily updates in the news to see the devastation it is causing families. Isolation ensuring movement of the many is minimal. Key workers going off to work whilst those that can work at home. Shopping for essential goods only is the key message.

Our Message

This message isn’t to spread further doom and gloom. Its is to offer thanks and appreciation to every member of the NHS currently fighting and risking their lives to help those in need. To revisit that movie reference earlier.

Our Avengers have most definitely arrived and are fighting daily on our behalf. Many sacrificing time with their own families to do so.


As a token of our appreciation we have something special to give in return. If you work for the NHS please give us a call and find out what it is.

If you don’t work for the NHS we have something for you too. Click here to say Thank You in your own way and give support to those on the front line.