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Eurocowl announce new partnerships for chimney cowls


Eurocowl are proud to announce our new chimney cowl partnerships

We are proud to announce that we have created four new partnerships to supply both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with our range of chimney cowls.

Joining together with well respected companies. All having a mantra of using the best products. Our new partners wanted the best chimney cowls on the market, those that would enhance their reputation and offer their customers the best protection.

This means you can now buy our products in both without worrying about the delivery cost. As you can see from the image below the Mini Eurocowl, Mini Hanging Cowl, Topguards and Pot Hanging Cowls are all available.

Chimney Cowl, Mini Eurocowl, Pot Hanging Cowl, Mini Hanging Cowl, Topguard

Protect Your Reputation

The Mini Eurocowl offers the highest level of protection from downdraught issues and rain ingress. As can be seen in the image, the Venturi Effect creates a positive updraft. You can “Protect Your Reputation” knowing you are fitting the best chimney cowls on the market. This option has now become even easier, but it isn’t the only one of our products now available in Eire & NI.

Mini Eurocowl Trade Poster

Quick Fit with Quality

Our Mini Hanging Cowl and Pot Hanging Cowls are so easy to fit it. This means spending less time on the job and saving you money. Equally as important, our Pot Hanging Cowls are made from a heavier stainless steel and this is mirrored with the thicker mesh. Quality that can be seen and felt.

It’s also worth noting ours were designed with sweeps in mind. Our Pot Hanging Cowls ensure the brush touches the mesh all the way up, leaving no untouched areas to allow the build up of soot.

Unwanted Birds

Perhaps you are fed up with birds making your chimney their home? Lets face it nobody wants an angry starling redecorating their living room! Our Topguard, more commonly referred to as a birdguard, will also be available to purchase in Ireland now too.

Did you know?

The Topguard can be used in conjunction with the Twinwall Adaptor and The Pot Hanger Adaptor. These items can be purchased separately or as an assembled unit.

Our Partners

Map showing where to get our chimney cowl products in Ireland

For more information on our partners click on their name below:

Kerry Biofuels

Fergus Engineering

The Soot Doctor


We’ve definitely got you covered

As you can see from the map above, we have you covered wherever you reside. Our 10 year guarantee means you can buy with clear piece of mind that you are purchasing a product that is built to last. This is available on all our stainless steel products.