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Eco 2022 Stoves, Cooler Gases & Mini Eurocowl’s


Today we ask the experts all about the incoming Eco 2022 Stoves. We delve into potential issue of cooler gases. Touching on the role an anti-downdraught cowl like the Mini Eurocowl can play. 

Eco 2022 Stoves

Whether you are involved in the making of stoves, distribution or installation you will have heard about the 2022 Eco Stove initiative.

There is no question about the level of work going on behind the scenes. Up and down the country stove manufacturers will be trying to gain the edge. Trying to create the most efficient stove. Some stoves have already been released, others are a work in progress trying to meet the deadline.

Having years of experience between them in installing, sweeping and surveying. We spoke to Karl Evans our National Account Manager and David Francis our Northern Area Manager.  We asked them for their views on the new stoves.

Cooler Gases

The idea behind ECO22 stoves is to slow the rate of exhaust down and increase the time the fumes have to burn up. Clever air ducting vents try to ensure fuel is burnt cleanly. That stoves cannot easily shut off the required amount of air needed for good combustion, low smoke and particulate matter. That is the REAL issue as airborne pollutants are getting to be more of a problem, all round.

If you start with dry wood below 20% moisture content. Burn on a deep bed of insulating ash, in an air tight appliance, it should then burn at a high temperature. The chimney then provides the exhaust for the fumes. It needs to be of a size and construction, that maintains the fumes at the highest consistent temperature. 

This ensures they keep rising and venting, producing the draw that maintains the performance of the appliance. It means that with a strong suction from the chimney, a wood burning stove can then be regulated to slow the volume of air down. In such quantity that the wood load will burn hot, clean and efficiently. All the carbon can then be burnt up leaving a clear glass, virtually zero smoke and extremely low soot deposits within the chimney, especially if it is insulated.

The theory goes that with higher temperatures in the stove, generating more heat from the wood into the room, less unburnt fuel/carbon is going up the ‘lumb’.  Sounds fine but this translates into cooler flue gases by default. Cold smoke slows down and condenses into soot, tar and creosote, a potential fire hazard if not regularly swept/cleaned. It is also subject to more down draft if the pressure within the chimney is hovering between sufficient and too little.

The Solution

The Mini Hanging Cowl
The Mini Hanging Cowl

So for us, we feel this has set the stage for our anti-downdraught cowl, the Mini Eurocowl in all its glory. 

Our flagship chimney cowl naturally induces updraft as well offering unrivalled protection against the elements, especially driving rain and wind. The general method of installing a flexible liner is alongside a pot hanging cowl, and this doesn’t need to change.

Our Mini Hanging Cowl can simply replace the standard pot hanging cowl and the time on site doesn’t change either.  You will simply change a bird guard cowl with a cowl that increases the efficiency of the new Eco 2022 stove. Offers protection from all weather and gives the customer a much better experience. Knowing that there is a quality product at the top and the bottom of their installation is a bonus for any customer.

The image below shows how the Mini Eurocowl has become the best anti-downdraught cowl, according to our customers.