The Importance of a Customer Review and How to Get Them


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It makes us all happy, especially when its from a customer review.

We feel it is such an important aspect of any business and here’s why.

Google Review

You’ll have seen it mentioned before that word of mouth is far more powerful than a sales pitch. Genuine users of your product or services writing about how it went. It shows you’ve done what you said you would and the product or products do what is expected of them. Shop owner, installer, stove designer and cowl manufacturer. They all play a part in someone’s dream home living space.

Sitting in a chair after a hard day and kicking back next to your new wood burning stove. Wouldn’t you feel comfortable enough to leave a review for a job well done?

Warm Fireplace with a wood burning stove

If you have claimed your business on the platform, Google My Business offers the chance for exactly that. Your happy customer can type in the review and leave it online. Prospective customers can then see the review and could decide to use you over somebody else. Your customers shouting about how good you are, sounds great right?

You can find our review page here.

Customer Testimonials

There are other options if you don’t have the above. Trust pilot, Hotfrog and Yell to name a few.

The important factor is you direct your customers to where they can leave a review. It may well be the case that they would rather send an email or a letter. This is perfectly fine, you can always show this through a blog or on social media.

The testimonial below was sent to us by one of our stockists through email. They had used our Mini Eurocowl on their own house to help prevent wind and rain issues and to help their stove work more efficiently. Kiel liked it that much he now recommends it to his own customers.

“My house is high on the moors and when it blows it really blows! With my log burner fitted to a twin wall system running up the outside of my house the Minicowl has done a brilliant job in very bad wind and rain. It never lets water in and  helps the stove work well when I need it most, in the cold wet winter!

If the flue is cold because it has not been used for a while it still helps stop direct down draught and smoking coming back into the room. We light a few sheets of newspaper and a firelighter to get things going and after that we are warm once again. 

It is well built and we try to install on as many systems as we can as we also don’t like going back to sort out problems!

We fit it and forget it!” – Kiel,  Fireglow Bolton

We hope you can see the benefits of encouraging customer testimonials.

If you’ve got a spare minute hop over to our google review page and leave one for us!