Case Study – Up The Flue


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When we did our rain test video we aimed to give everyone a visual of how our Mini Eurocowl worked. As you can see, we aimed water at the cowl from a variety of angles and showed the results. We didn’t image this would be the birth of a technique to resolve issues.

This is where Matt from Up The Flue in Yorkshire comes in. 

His customer was saying they had water coming in. The chimney had a Mini Eurocowl attached to a twin wall flue system.  Having seen the video and getting a report of rain coming down the chimney, Matt knew he had to investigate further.

He sent a team of two to the property and performed a test of his own. Armed with a hosepipe the two men were on a mission to get this issue resolved.

One man spent two hours squirting water from every different angle imaginable over the cowl and flue. The other was stationed inside looking to see the entry point. After the rigorous test and nothing coming down the flue. The team found the fault to be the flashing!

After resolving his customers problem, Matt told his account manager David;

“Nothing came down the flue! The Minicowl did a fantastic job under extreme conditions and it was eventually found to be the flashing that had a fault.”

He also added

“We recommend the Minicowl as it is so well designed and built, we trust it to do a great job under all weather conditions.”

We would like to Thank Matt and his team from Up The Flue for giving us this information and permission to share it with you all.

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