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Chimney Leaking Smoke Case Study – Leeds Stove Centre


It’s nice to receive positive feedback and testimonials as we mentioned here. When a customer goes out of their way to tell you why they believe in your product it’s even better. The issue was the chimney leaking smoke back into the room. Leeds Stove Centre knew exactly what to do. This is their story as to why they are sold on the Mini Eurocowl.

The Scenario

Their customer had a Contura 810 with a twin wall system with its own original cowl. The set up had two 45 degree bends to miss the roof hip on a single storey extension. Due to stability issues only a 2.5m flue was possible on the outside. The stove is very efficient and requires a good chimney to work as on occasions it can have a tendency to blow back unless the draw is very strong.

The customer was indeed complaining about the chimney leaking smoke back into the room every time it was lit. This was therefore giving them the issue of an unhappy customer and a situation they didn’t want to have to repeat again.

Mini Eurocowl Leeds Stove Centre Case Study

The Solution

The answer was to install a stainless steel Mini Eurocowl. As the stove was connected to a twin wall system they also required a twin wall adaptor. They went up the ladder, slid the cowl on top of the twin wall and secured with ease using the bands provided. This immediately reduced any direct downdrafts, allowed the fire to get started and sufficient draw was maintained. Quick, simple, effective and no more chimney problems for the customer.

Thanks to Craig from the Leeds Stove Centre and his installers for sharing their issues and supplying the images for us to use.