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Downdraught – Don’t put up with “normal”


“It was amazing to find out what some people consider normal”

Those were the words of one of our account managers.

The Trip

During a recent trip he happened to stop in an area with a lot of open chimney pots that had stoves sitting underneath. His lodgings for the night was no exception and this is where he discovered what “normal” meant to the owners.

Having returned from a day of visiting customers, he took a seat and ordered his food for the night. Upon placing his order he turned to a plume of smoke coming towards him. The culprit was a newly started stove!

As a result of this a conversation ensued about the stove and his role in the chimney and flue industry. This is where the initial quote stemmed from, this smoke filled experience was considered normal. The conversation moved on to how they’ve had an open chimney forever although some in the area may use a metal guard to prevent birds.


Those in the industry will of course know they were suffering from downdraught issues. Not so much normal but entirely preventable (more information on downdraught can be found here). The open chimney pot will not have helped the cause, fitting a cowl certainly would but more on that later. The establishment in question never thought to find out if smoke coming back into the room was right. It had been happening for years so why would they!

It goes to show that education is very important within this industry. They had no anti-downdraught cowl solution, no protection against birds or vermin from entering and no weather protection. A chimney cowl can offer all of that and we can offer video evidence to back it up as well.

We want to offer as much help as possible in this education process. We have produced handy downloads for your customers to read at their leisure. Teaming up with professionals at the highest end to get the answers to their questions, two of these can be found below.

6 Questions You Need to Answer

Why Should i Sweep My Chimney

Our Solution

Don’t put up with “normal” do something about it.

The Mini Eurocowl can offer complete protection for your chimney. Anti-downdraught, flue balancing and truly is the first line of defence. Our customers swear by it’s abilities and you can view their comments here.

Mini Eurocowl Anti-downdraft Trade Poster