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The Mini Eurocowl – What is it for?


The Mini Eurocowl. Our flagship chimney cowl.

Many people have said that it’s just an anti-downdraught cowl. As a result we have put this together. To prove it’s more than just a one trick pony and as a result, why we regard the Mini Eurocowl as the complete chimney cowl solution.

There is no question of it solving anti-downdraught issues. It does this whilst also protecting against birds, wind and rain. It is suitable for all fuel types. Has a robust design with a dome top, making for hassle free sweeping and easy maintenance.


We have often been asked to educate our stockists. How the shape and design of the cowl offers increased protection for their customers. We thought what better place to start than here.

Lets start with the shape. How it protects against rain water dripping down the chimney. The dome on the top covers the exit route of the chimney pot. Therefore, prevents rain shooting directly down.

The rain will slide down the dome and fall onto the flange, away from the chimney.  The outer skirt surrounds the pot denying access to it from the side, so consequently preventing rain getting in that way too! 

All of this you will see from the image below.

Mini Eurocowl Anti-downdraught Chimney Cowl, Natural finish

Video evidence

So now you know how the design of the cowl helps enhance protection. We don’t want to stop there though.

To help with the education process. To have a visual aid for your customers. We have produced three separate videos to show the level of rain protection their stove will get.

The videos of the Mini Eurocowl being showered from different angles show how it deals with the water. 

No matter what installation system you use we have a video for you. One is attached to a chimney pot, one to a flexible liner and the other to a twinwall flue system. All with a bag attached to the bottom to show how much water is getting in.

The result

The result is clear for all to see. No collection of water in sight and the rain shower bounces off the cowl as explained.

An added bonus, the Mini Eurocowl also comes with a 10 year guarantee. Not forgetting that all of our cowls have been tested and certified to BSEN 16475-7:2016.

Alongside our previous blog The First Line of Defence we hope these videos aid you in the education of your customers. 

Remember to talk to your Account Manager about the other point of sale material available to you as well.