Why Should I Get My Chimney Swept?


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We often get called by people looking to get their chimney swept. We understand they don’t want to have the image above in their chimney. It’s just a bit odd because we have never advertised as being sweeps. That said it hasn’t stopped questions being asked. Even after we have informed the caller we do not provide that service.

Questions like;

  • Do I really need to sweep my chimney?
  • Why should I sweep it?
  • How often should I get my chimney swept?
  • Is it messy?

Naturally we don’t mind answering these questions. However, we have always thought it would be something better asked of a sweep. With this in mind we got together with one of our top customers Milborrow Chimney Sweeps to provide some answers.  

chimney sweep image

Milborrow Chimney Sweeps offer a range of services and are not just limited to sweeping. They have built up a phenomenal reputation for themselves including being the recipient of not one but two “By Royal Appointment” warrants. To find out more about them and the regions they cover, please click on their name above.

To download your “5 Reasons Why” brochure please click on the image above to start the process. We hope you find it useful and it helps answer the question.