The Mini Eurocowl – What is it for?

Rain Protection, Rain guard, chimney cap

The Mini Eurocowl. Our flagship chimney cowl. Many people have said that it’s just an anti-downdraught cowl. As a result we have put this together. To prove it’s more than just a one trick pony and as a result, why we regard the Mini Eurocowl as the complete chimney cowl solution. There is no question … Read more

Why Should I Get My Chimney Swept?

Birds Nesting in Chimney, Topcap, Bird guard

We often get called by people looking to get their chimney swept. We understand they don’t want to have the image above in their chimney. It’s just a bit odd because we have never advertised as being sweeps. That said it hasn’t stopped questions being asked. Even after we have informed the caller we do … Read more