Clean Air Strategy – DEFRA responds


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The Clean Air Strategy is fast becoming the new GDPR, it is constantly talked and/or written about with very few people actually knowing, or fully understanding, what it all means.

We wrote a blog about it to remove some of the jargon to help the end user, which you can find here.

We have now been forwarded a letter which comes directly from DEFRA regarding their stance on the Clean Air Strategy. We have, in turn, been asked to share it with you all to increase the number of people within our industry that can see it.

The key part of the letter for all of our customers can be seen in the image below.

This should help us all put the stop on the scare mongering with physical proof that neither the use of, or installation of, wood-burning stoves will be banned.

If the customer is interested in buying the right DEFRA approved stove, is educated to burn the correct fuel and commits to have regular servicing, they will be doing their bit to be part of the solution to the air pollution issue.

The full letter can be seen here.