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Downdraft or Downdraught? What is it?


Downdraft or downdraught?

To clarify, the difference is, downdraft is American English. Downdraught is British English. As a result of being British we will use the latter.

What is downdraught?

Downdraught is; “the downward movement of air in the lee of large objects”

To come out of the dictionary and to give it some true meaning. With regard your chimney, it’s caused by external air pressure from outside the house. When you light your fire and send the warm air up your chimney. This can be met by cooler air pushing back down. Therefore, causing smoke to come back down the chimney and into your room. This is known as downdraught.

This can be down to a number of reasons:

  • A short chimney or flue system
  • Nearby trees
  • Your are surrounded by hills
  • High winds, living in coastal area
  • Low pressure weather conditions

One way of fixing the solution is to rebuild your chimney so that it is higher. Alternatively, extend the twin wall system by adding to it. You could also simply fit an anti-downdraught chimney cowl and save time and money. 

Our customers widely regard the Mini Eurocowl as the “go to” cowl if you have downdraught problems.

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