An evening in front of the fire

Open Fire

If, like me, you are mesmerized by the flames you genuinely could lose hours just watching them dancing across a piece of wood or two before engulfing them. The picture above of the open fire in the local old farm house pub was one such event that after a lovely meal, the flames took hold … Read more

Downdraft or Downdraught? What is it?

Mini Eurocowl Anti-downdraught Chimney Cowl, Natural finish

Downdraft or downdraught? To clarify, the difference is, downdraft is American English. Downdraught is British English. As a result of being British we will use the latter. What is downdraught? Downdraught is; “the downward movement of air in the lee of large objects” To come out of the dictionary and to give it some true … Read more

The Silent Killer

carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon Monoxide, usually referred to as CO, is an invisible and odourless gas which can be deadly. Highly toxic to Humans and animals, it has been dubbed The Silent Killer as it is almost impossible to detect. As we cannot see it, taste it, or smell it dangerous levels can build up without knowing until … Read more